Beware that this is a VERY steep and difficult hike for such a short trail. The Eyebrow, on the west side of the notch, is a trail on Old Speck Mountain that offers a lot of variety for hikers – from the cable handrails to the iron rungs and metal ladder to aid hikers across a small open rock face. Thanks Maine … Pictures. Going down is a little easier, but still a challenge. Consistently challenging hike but beautiful views at a number of points along the trail - definitely more miles than advertised as I ended at 8.3. share. Was so slippery on the way down even though it hadn’t rained and I was in proper hiking shoes. Went up Eyebrow and came back down the AT. There's even a stretch of the climb that involves a steel rope followed by a ladder. It features views into Grafton Notch below. not sure why they installed the rope or the areas with the rungs as they were not needed at all but someone mentioned its for when the trailnis wet and or ice which would make since. To cross this mammoth you need to use the steel ladders and rungs which are built into the rock. We had perfect weather-65 degrees and sunny. It took me 6hrs and 6L of water to complete. Appalachian Trail: Beaver River Road to Carolo Col Shelter, Mahoosuc Notch Loop via North Pond Road to Appalachian Trail, Baldpate from the East (Andover) Side via Cataracts Trail and Frye Brook Trail. Bring plenty of water and a layer for the top. Table Rock is 900 feet above the trailhead and offers fantastic views of Old Speck Mountain, the Eyebrow, and Grafton Notch. We made no land speed records, lol, but no tears, no whining and no 5 * hike in my book! 4.0 (3) Areas; ME … Western Maine; Grafton Notch State Park “ A tough little climb that offers amazing views. There's not really a clear look-out point at the top of the trail, but it's still a pretty hike! Went up Eyebrow and came back down the AT. just did this yesterday and the views of the fall colors were spectacular. Numerous areas where you DO NOT want to fall. The trail is fantastic, but you definitely have to climb the fire tower for the reward of the vista at the top; otherwise your views are obstructed by trees. Following along the Appalachian Trail, Old Speck is 7.6 miles roundtrip, and the Eyebrow Loop adds 2.2 miles to the trek, with even more mountain views. Only one other hiker on trail. Eyebrow Trail Difficult. I did not go over to Old Spec- it took about 2 hours. Slique Eyebrows Face & Body Hair Threading & Removal System Amazing at Home . This section of the trail will lead you back to the A.T. in 0.75 mile. Fantastic hike! You can see this pattern in the rock wall when you’re standing below it in the parking lot. I did this right after finishing table rock trail. Challenging sections w ladders and iron bars were fun/slightly terrifying (as a parent while watching kids go across wet steep sections). Comments. Trail was broken but very icy. view, return via the Lower Eyebrow Trail. Very strenuous at times with a lot of scrambling and climbing. Eyebrow Trail - Grafton Notch, Maine. Eyebrows help shape your eyes and give you character. go counter clockwise. Went up the AT to eyebrow and came back down the same way after I had a view. You can pick up the Eyebrow Trail from the parking area for the Old Speck Mountain trail and others. Parking lot was pretty full but we only saw 6 people total on trail. Once on the other side, the steep climb begins. This is especially true on the little lookouts at the top that you can find cutting off the trail. Going uphill through some rough terrain. It is steep but the metal ladders and cable wires to hang on was helpful. Le sentier est principalement utilisé pour la randonnée et l'observation de la nature et sa meilleure utilisation est de avril à novembre. Some slippery slopes with a couple slips and a small fall.

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