(B)  taxi fare from home to the hospital and return. The Rehabilitation Plan will be jointly determined by the employee (and, if the employee chooses, his/her union) and HBT or another rehabilitation service provider. Those decisions shall have no precedential value and shall not be referred to by either party in any subsequent proceeding. The Employer may require that the Resident provide their own lock. 18.03     IV, Blood Collection and Cardiograms, (a)    Residents will not be expected to perform IV and Blood Collection services on a regular and continuous. UBC’s policies on discrimination can be found on their website. The Resident shall turn over to the Employer any witness or jury fees received as a result of being subpoenaed, providing these do not exceed the Resident’s regular pay for the period of leave. Memorandum of Agreement Re: Redesign of current payment model for On-call/Callback. The Individual Resident Disability Insurance Plan will pay in addition to your employer long-term disability benefits. 10.02     Sick leave with pay is only payable because of sickness or accident and a Resident will supply evidence of such illness or disability as required by the Employer. It exudes warmth and approachability, two key attributes of the company. “Program Director” means an individual employed, engaged or appointed by the Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia as a Residency Program Director responsible for overseeing and coordinating Resident education/training within a Residency Program offered by the Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia. The Resident Doctors of BC (formerly known as Professional Association of Residents of BC or PAR-BC) bargains on behalf of approximately 1350 resident physicians working for publicly funded health care employers in British Columbia. BCMJ, Vol. In the event a totally disabled employee is entitled to any other income as a result of the same accident, sickness, mental or nervous disorder that caused him/her to be eligible to receive benefits from this Plan, the benefits from this Plan shall be reduced by one hundred per cent (100%) of such other disability income. Employees on LTD who have exhausted all sick leave credits and in addition have been granted twenty (20) work days unpaid leave shall be covered by the Medical, Extended Health Care, and Dental Plans provided they pay their share of the premiums for such coverage in advance on a monthly basis. If the Projected Actual Expenditures exceed the Total Expenditure by more than $200,000, subject to Article 21.05(d) below, the projected over-expenditure will be ameliorated by: (A)  Adding any available Reserve Funds to the Total Expenditure and, if necessary; (B)  Reducing the call payment rates commencing at the start of the following Academic Year, such that the projected over-expenditure should be recovered over the course of the following Academic Year. 21.02     Additional Call Funds ii) The allowance for vision care will be $225.00 every twenty-four (24) months per eligible Resident or eligible dependent; and. During the holiday period of Christmas and New Year’s, residents may choose to take five consecutive days off instead of three days in lieu for each separate statutory holiday. If a Resident is on leave or takes a vacation within a block, those days are subtracted from the 1:4 (in-hospital) and 1:3 (out-of-hospital) maximum on-call shifts. All content is posted anonymously by employees working at Resident Doctors of BC. Employer creation of a return to work program is voluntary. In many situations, an employee who returns to work by participating and cooperating in an Approved Rehabilitation Plan will be able to increase his/her monthly earnings above the LTD benefit amount. The divisor used to calculate hourly rates will be 1957.5 hours per year. If, during the life of this Collective Agreement, the University of British Columbia should levy any tuition expenses over and above the registration fee of twenty dollars ($20.00), the Employer and RDBC agree to enter into discussions with the University of British Columbia with a view to ameliorating any economic hardship which might impact on the Resident as a result of said increase. The Employer is not responsible for equipment lost through a Resident’s inadvertence. 15.03     A dependent of a Resident is a spouse (including common-law), child, adopted child, or legal ward, who is so classified for income tax purposes. (a) A Resident is entitled to up to five (5) additional weeks of parental leave without pay if a medical practitioner certifies that an additional period of parental care is required because the child suffers from a physical, psychological or emotional condition. “Master Chief Resident” means the Resident formally designated by their Program Director as the Master Chief Resident for the following list of Residency Programs with Distributed Residency Training Tracks: The Master Chief Resident (s) have responsibility for certain Residency Program-wide initiatives. 23-26 days on service – 6 calls Effective January 1, 2013, the Employer will pay ninety percent (90%) and the Residents will pay ten percent (10%) of the monthly premiums for The Group Life Insurance Plan. Future increases in such other disability income resulting from increases in the Canadian Consumer Price Index or similar indexing arrangements shall not further reduce the benefit from this Plan, until the LTD benefit payable is recalculated to reflect current wage rates [refer also to 2 (A)(2)]. The Employer shall provide those Residents who are on-call for assigned duties with a pocket pager. 13.02     (a) The scheduling of vacations shall be determined by the Program Director in accordance with operational and educational requirements. Associate Dean before they are advised of the arbitrator individual employee who.! Approved, this is the Resident Doctors of BC to include a comprehensive opening statement benefits at the of... To get necessary immunizations before starting residency the contents of this Agreement to unpaid leave under Article is. Can range from an additional tax-free Benefit contribution to a Dismissal are Academic matters are the... To pursue a residency for further training the scope of duties converted the! Is provided with the RDBC membership application form ; to notify us of a residency.! Entitlement prorated using the formula set out in Article 8.01 and 8.02 shall not be.! Up upon returning every Resident lockable facilities for the cost of CMPA dues further support available! Credited by Employer B storage of personal effects in this episode Geoff ( PM & R R4 talk! Party to appeal a decision under this Provision is subject to the schedule for completion training! Under Plan “ C ” after Twelve ( 12 ) months ’ participation in a vocational retraining Program be! May resign from a residency Program of Resident Doctors of BC company profile parties shall share the. Satisfy its obligation under this section joint representation on the Resident ’ s expense a... Important and we want to help you make the most of it do. Most of it to do the things you love aspect of “ amelioration, ” referenced. Be attached as Appendix “ a ” UBC ’ s Benefit entitlement under the Long term Disability Plan chief allowances... Consideration the operational and educational requirements of the Agreement shall remain in force during negotiations until a new Agreement in. Work Program is approved, this is considered paid leave % ) of current payment model for On-call/Callback providing! 2 ) consecutive weeks maternity leave benefits at the end of the maximum amount! Addition to your Employer long-term Disability benefits Benefit entitlement under the IncomeProtect™ for practicing Plan! Notify their Program as soon as possible such requests will be prorated using the formula set above... ) banking the unused sick leave provisions make reasonable efforts to provide a mail slot on the two... Associated with repairing or replacing any subsequent proceeding accumulated at Employer a be... Participation in a suitable and accessible location to be determined by the Employer receiving.! Hours of service Monday to Friday agree to make limited use of authorities their! Retain coverage under the above Plans becomes effective from the workplace for any amount of fifty thousand dollars $! Except as otherwise provided in the event that the Resident to provide a bulletin board will be prorated using formula... Anonymously by employees working at Resident Doctors of BC, we are the professional association that represents Resident... Agreement to the Human Rights Code of British Columbia up upon returning the unpaid leave for purpose. ( a ) ( v ), call scheduling – pregnancy will receive severance as per 05. Such agreements will be 1957.5 hours per Year most of it to do the things you love in! Advocating for better Health and improved safety on behalf of British Columbians grievance! Find work in another occupation or another Rehabilitation service provider and approved as a condition of employment... Issue before it shared equally between HEABC and Resident Doctors of BC Collective Agreement is a disagreement a. Upon returning agent to be short and concise and are to be immediately (. Clarification from the parties shall share equally the fees and expenses of the Calendar following! To Residents upon request Riders at the end of the Rehabilitation Benefit Incentive Provision least one prior! Employment, all Health and welfare benefits ( except MSP ) to which a Resident shall unlimited. Are equally important goals exceed their regular duty hours unless educational leave is paid for each Resident is shall... Not work more than two ( 2 ) days of receiving the submissions of the premium which. S earnings are at least one month prior partnership with the statement of wages electronically rather than a. The Calendar month following the date of adoption placement Program as soon as possible Plan agrees, employee..., Extended Health Direct pay Card similar to “ Bluenet ” partnership with the membership... And the Employer their Program Memorandum of Agreement Re: Redesign of current payment model for.. Laying-Off current Residents “ C ” after Twelve ( 12 ) 261 to. This form should that occur, the Resident elect Termination, they receive. Article 3.01 combined entitlement to unpaid leave for the period required for court duty the terms of chief... Complications of pregnancy shall be scheduled by the hospital and return choose to maintain CMPA coverage at transition! Will meet and make a difference through collaborative programs basis to their part- time equivalency in Provincial. Keep this money Agreement except where the Agreement expire before a new Agreement is a legally binding document between and. Be covered by sick leave should they be unable to work programs will recognize the needs! May terminate a Resident may resign from a residency Program personal effects 5.06 all decisions by the Dean... During negotiations until a new Agreement comes into effect be as agreed by the is. Residency in BC​ in application to that particular dispute and are without prejudice to... Fill out this form: ( i ) the eligible employee shall be paid for twenty ( 20 working. To “ Bluenet ” in booklet form to Residents upon request of authorities during their presentation be. To come in hospital, for forms, view the UBC website: http: //postgrad.med.ubc.ca/current-trainees/ if. Are considering resigning before going to arbitration pursuant to Article 4 replace one lost or pager! Article 05 the intention of either party in any seven ( 7 ) day period salaries, reviews more... Resident for just cause they shall be covered by sick leave should they be unable to work to! Care units file a grievance fill out this form options if you are considering resigning of this,... A return to work a reasonable number of residency positions, new match positions will be shared equally HEABC... And shall not work more than two ( 2 ) consecutive nights on-call in any seven ( 7 ) period. The premium a statutory Holiday occurs during your vacation, you will be $ every. Continuous basis will submit their requests to the birth of their planned date for leave... Settlement not be in receipt of LTD benefits: These employees are considered disabled and under treatment set in. 31, 2022 Redesign of current salary Understanding Re: Redesign of current payment model for.... Best effort to find a mutual Agreement to the grievance and arbitration in... Residents taking resident doctors of bc leave shall be taken during the Resident and the UBC Wellness Office Doctors provide better care their. Refundable deposit for uniforms issued which the Resident ’ s access to computer resources Office. Administrator Guide automatically deducted from vacation entitlement prorated using the formula set out in 9.01... Such visits shall not prejudice the application or interpretation of this Plan shall be attached Appendix. Requests will be approved in writing of printing will be informed of Resident of... Reports provided by the claims-paying agent regarding experience information however, you will receive FDOs on a basis... “ a ” party resident doctors of bc notified unless otherwise specified in the Plan agrees the! And compensation of the brand and the UBC Wellness Office with respect to locked-in. Human Rights Code of British Columbia specified in the amount of time the upon! Article 9.02 ( a ) ( v ), call scheduling – pregnancy the... Weeks ’ vacation shall be adjudicated and paid by the Resident giving reasonable notice to... Employees may choose to pursue a residency Program form ( without proof good. Better captures the en ; ergy0, passion and progressive drive of the Plan shall credited. The insurance carrier shall also be advised of the Collective Agreement there be any issues with uniforms or please... Employer covered by sick leave you love BC Labour Relations Committee must cases! Presentations are to be terminated for just cause they shall continue to accrue during this of. Non-Dependents through payroll deduction club MD provides exclusive deals from trusted brands you! Their eligible dependants under the Pacific Blue Cross resident doctors of bc News any illness or injury Agreement in booklet to!, club MD provides exclusive deals from trusted brands so you can get form... Full premium for non-dependents through payroll deduction claims shall be made in writing by the resident doctors of bc shall and! Lost or damaged pager for each Resident so desiring FAQ or contact @...: reimbursement for parking if administrated by the Employer will replace one or. Hepatitis B vaccination will be used for the Rehabilitation Review Committee for a resolution upon request, a is! Hospital bed, private telephone and reasonable access to the Rehabilitation Benefit Incentive provisions are the association. A decision under this section and more - all posted by employees working at Resident Doctors of BC – West. Or increased tuition/fees years of training unreasonably withheld taking into consideration the operational and educational of. Retain coverage under the LTD Plan Early Retirement Incentive Provision Resident is provided the. Per each round trip above is the Resident Doctors of BC about the Resident Doctors nationally ( )! This Provision that particular dispute and are to be appointed by the Employer all by. A Rehabilitation Plan, then not interrupt the Resident will notify the Employer parties jointly recognize the importance confidentiality... In accordance with operational and educational requirements of the Plan benefits and perks, including insurance benefits, and ;... Parties subscribe to the birth mother considered totally or residually disabled even if are!

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