Long-Living Dog Breeds 1 / 13 Yorkshire Terrier Yorkies live on average 14 to 16 years. But behavioral training can help them adjust. He worked as a herding dog for nearly 20 years , and the mental stimulation and exercise from his job might have contributed to his long lifespan. 10-15 years One of the most popular breeds in They rarely live longer than eight years. Since the early weeks and months in a puppy’s life are the most important for exposure, it’s extremely beneficial to take a proactive approach rather vs. a reactive one when it comes to your dog’s training. longest living dog ( ) | longest living dog Canine Peace of Mind’s Lifestyle Dog Training Program trains puppies through their imprinting phase up to their first year of adulthood. He lived for around 30 years, from 1910 to 1939. To find out the longest-living dog breeds, Stacker examined data from a 2008 study published in the journal Genetics and 2016 breed popularity rankings from the American Kennel Club. These dogs were bred to be companions and only require short daily walks and playtime. Chihuahua lifespan: 15 Despite their tiny size, they still require plenty of exercise, mental stimulation, and training. Bluey (7 June 1910 – 14 November 1939) was an Australian cattle dog owned by Les and Esma Hall of Rochester, Victoria, Australia. 1. These dogs tend to be very strong-willed and aloof, so they're not for everyone. Nonetheless, another longest living dog is a female dog named Maggie lived for 30 years. Keep reading for an overview of 20 of the longest living dog breeds! For a medium-sized breed, the shiba inu has a long lifespan, reaching 16 years or older. Chihuahuas are one of the longest living dog breeds, perhaps they are also one of the smallest dog breed. These small canines give you a long time of wonderful adventures. A few more of the longest-living breeds The Maltese is an almost supernaturally soothing dog, and they’re also among the longest-living breeds. Bluey is the longest-living dog ever recorded. 11. Dachshund Originally bred as a German hunting dog to hunt badgers and other little animals, Dachshunds weigh in at 16 to 32 pounds, depending on whether they are standard or miniature in size. Here is a list of top 10 longest living dog breeds in the world: 1.Chihuahua One of the longest living breeds, Chihuahua has an average lifespan of 15-20 years. Yorkshire terriers are a popular and intelligent toy breed, but they aren't total lap dogs. This is a list of the oldest verified dogs in the world, listed by age, all of whom have attained the minimum age of 20. She died in 2011 at 21 years old. The longest living Beagle, Butch, died in … Although they are loyal and affectionate with their families, they have terrier traits, including strong guarding instincts and a vocal nature. The recent record holder of the longest living dog is an Australian Cattle Dog, named Bluey lived in Victoria, Australia. Their life expectancy is estimated between 15 and 18 years, but some individuals manage to live up to 20 years with the correct care. If you do the math and Beagles additionally live around 12-15 years. The 10 Longest Living Dogs Chilla Although it was never officially confirmed, a dog named Chilla seems to be the longest living canid in history, reaching 32 years and 12 days. He finally died in 1939 at the age of 29 years and 5 months. Physical Characteristics: Curled tail; thick double coat; colors include black and tan, cream, and red. They are generally healthy, but the breed is prone to heart and eye problems. The longest living Chihuahua recorded is a 20 years old Chihuahua called ‘megabyte’. But if you want a friendly and affectionate canine companion you can snuggle with few sneezes (hopefully), the bright toy poodle has a lifespan of 10–18 years. Although they can be feisty, consistent training can turn them into great family pets that can live to 16 years or older. So if you want many years with a canine, don't opt for a giant breed. Gemma is a Freelance Writer and Animal Welfare Advocate. Chihuahuas are one of the longest living dog breeds. They are generally healthy, but the breed is prone to heart and eye problems. So, the curious question is what dog breeds live the longest. The 2. So when someone asks you what kind of dog lives the longest, feel free to tell them that happy dogs, living life to the fullest with their owners, are the longest living dogs of all. Many live past 15 years old, with some living as long as 20 years. The breed is generally healthy but is prone to orthopedic and eye issues. Chihauhau - 15-20 years Long and short haired chihuahuas. It's not uncommon for toy poodles to reach 18 years old. The source is purported to be GWR however no edition or page number is provided. The Oldest Dog If you’re wondering what dog set the record for most years spent in happiness, the answer would be: Bluey, the Australian Cattle Dog. Like the Dachshund, a Jack Russell also once held the Guinness World Record for oldest living dog. Home » Fun » Longest Living Dog Breeds August 30, 2019 Fun Longest Living Dog Breeds A Life-long Companion The modern domesticated dog originated in China nearly 27,000 years ago. Oddly enough, mixed breeds, on average live ten years, while the longest living dog breeds, recognized by the American Kennel Club, surpass mixed breeds by as little as four years and as much as nine. These dogs are usually extremely loyal to their families and might take on the role of mini guard dog. Besides being the smallest dog in the world, the charming and courageous chihuahua is also the longest living dog breed. Pomeranians are known for being friendly but sometimes a bit bossy. Though he was a medium-sized breed. But Dachshunds can have age-related health problems, particularly back issues, which can be exacerbated by obesity. The Australian cattle dog (also known as the blue heeler) has a long lifespan compared to other dogs its size. According to Guinness World Records, Bluey lived 129 years, 5 months and is the oldest dog ever verified. The Longest Living Dog Breeds When you bring any dog breed into your life, there’s no way of knowing how much time you’ll have together. What's the longest-living dog breed? A document is required by Guinness, such as a birth certificate, to prove his or her age. Chihuahuas are one of the longest living dog breeds. The Chihuahua is popularly known for being among the world's smallest dogs. He was born in 1910 in Victoria, Australia, and worked for 20 years herding cattle and sheep. Check out the list below of the longest living dog breeds. And they're generally healthy, though some dogs are prone to allergies. These dogs thrive on company and affection, however, this also means they can be prone to separation anxiety if they are left alone for prolonged periods. Some people said that they can live long largely because they are not prone to any serious illness. As with any animal, a high-quality diet, plenty of exercise, and excellent health care can maximize their years. Chihuahuas are one of the longest living dog breeds. Physical Characteristics: Low, long body; smooth, wire-haired, or long-haired coat; colors include chocolate, tan, black, red, and more. Chihuahuas live for 17-18 years on average, but many live for up to 20 years. Despite their tiny size, they still require plenty of exercise, mental stimulation, and training. They are generally healthy, but the breed is prone to heart and eye problems. Physical Characteristics: Alert expression; smooth or long coat; colors include black, tan, and more. Physical Characteristics: Smooth or broken coat; colors include white with black, brown, or tan markings. But genetics also can play a role. She has been involved in the Pet Industry for over 15 years. Jack Russells were bred for working, and they retain that drive and energy. There’s no … One of the toughest factors about owning dogs is having to say goodbye, and the average lifespan of a dog is around 10 to 13 years. Aging in dogs depends on breed, size and diet. Physical Characteristics: Strong build; smooth double coat; colors include blue and red with black and tan markings. But don't underestimate their energy or the amount of mental stimulation they need for their busy minds. Canine life expectancy ranges from 9 to 13 years on average. But the breed is prone to orthopedic problems as well as eye disorders. Physical Characteristics: Long double coat; colors include black, blue, silver, and more. However, some dog breeds remarkably have a longer lifespan than the others. Living 20 years, 357 days Mongrel 12 Otto 14 February 1989 14 January 2010 20 years, 334 days Dachshund-Terrier cross United Kingdom 13 Seamus 24 July 1993 18 May 2014 20 years, 298 days Toy Poodle United States 14 The sassy, intelligent toy poodle can make a great family pet. There's a lot you need to know to make things go smoothly with your new friend. Willie reached 20 years old before dying in 2014. It's not uncommon to meet a Dachshund over 15 years old. They are small purse-dogs, but one of the longest-living breeds without serious genetic illnesses. In fact, a Dachshund named Chanel set a Guinness World Record for oldest living dog. [citation needed], The examples and perspective in this article, One of the oldest verified dogs (and several unverified) was an. It commonly can reach 16 years or older. Longest-Living ‘Hypoallergenic’ Dog Breed: Toy Poodle There’s really no such thing as a ‘hypoallergenic’ dog: there are only pooches with less reactive protein and shedding issues . Longest Living Dog - Top 10 Longest Living Dog BreedsRaising a dog, all of us need to learn everything about them. But they are a clean, quiet, and loyal breed. These dogs are extremely intelligent with a high working drive, so they thrive in active homes that will involve them in dog sports and other activities. The longest living large dog breeds include the Irish Setter Belgian Malinois Akita, and Anatolian Shepherd. Genetically, Chilla was a mixture of Labrador and Aging Dog Care Awareness: Separating Myths From Facts, The Best Dog Breeds for Emotional Support, The 10 Best Large Dog Breeds for Families. Every dog owner has their own reason for getting a pet, whether it is companionship, protection or simply to have a furry friend to walk with. Australian Cattle Dogs are also commonly referred to as Blue … Top 9 longest living dog breeds which you can adopt to make sure they can stay longer with you without fear of losing them. Friendly and adaptable Shih Tzus commonly live to 15 years or older. The world’s oldest dog is thought to be an Australian Cattle Dog named Bluey. Small dogs generally live longer than large breeds. Physical Characteristics: Dark, alert eyes; silky, white coat. They often live to be 15 years or older, and they’re incredibly healthy, overall. If you're hoping your dog gets the "world's oldest dog" title someday, check out 11 dog breeds with a long life span—plus adorable gifs. … The Jack Russell terrier is another small breed that often lives up to 16 years old. Don't let the look of these feisty terriers fool you. Editors are encouraged to find and update entries for each dog if they have access to past editions: Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Longevity of the Australian Cattle Dog: Results of a 100-Dog Survey, "A demens kutyák titka: magyarok kutatják az ebek öregedését", "Elpusztult Buksi, Magyarország legöregebb kutyája", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_longest_living_dogs&oldid=996234888, Wikipedia articles with citations needing edition from July 2020, Short description is different from Wikidata, Wikipedia pending changes protected pages, Articles with limited geographic scope from March 2019, Articles lacking reliable references from October 2015, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2015, Wikipedia articles needing clarification from September 2015, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 25 December 2020, at 09:50.

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