Using the INDEX-MATCH formula, we can search for the last numeric value and the last text value and return whichever comes last. The formula must be entered as an array formula (Ctrl+Shift+Enter), but that's a small price to pay for relative simplicity. What Would You Like to See Added to Vertex42? The optional area_number argument is only used for 3D arrays. If it didn't, you'd have to enter one of the values in columns C or D to get a result at all. To see these examples in action, download the Excel file below. The MATCH function looks for a given value within a row-based or column-based list and returns the position within that list of the item being looked for. It's found in row 4. @David, Yes I think you are right. When you want to use logical conditions such as A > B or A < B in your lookup, a method I like is to use INDEX-MATCH and convert the lookup_range to a TRUE or FALSE expression like lookup_range

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